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The mission is for the setting up of USI (United States of Islam), which will be the super power and caliphate just as the Ottoman Empire and the Rashidun Empire. It will bring all Islamic countries together to form a big superpower. One big country with one economy, one currency, one passport, one military and one government.

All the countries will be turned into states which will make up the caliphate, The United States of Islam. The benefits and potential of this are enormous as it will make it the super power of the world and it’s the reason why the west and Zionists have been opposing these plans.  The Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham are the currency prescribed by Islamic law, if these come into existence they will become the most powerful and dominant currency in the world and if everyone joins and implements this currency, the world economic field will become level for everyone. This is not want the Zionists want as they won’t have any control no more and that’s why they use the capitalist system where 1% of the world’s population controls the rest of the 99%, therefore it’s a direct threat to their power. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed in 2004 advised Saudi Arabia to demand gold for its oil, if this was to happen and America had to pay Saudi Arabia in gold for all its oil, this would have been the economic equivalent to setting off ten nuclear bombs in USA. As America has around 260 million ounces of gold and with the price of gold at around $1000/ounce, America would be out of gold within a year and be completely bankrupt. EU countries have a total of around 384 million ounces of gold only and will also be bankrupt very quickly if they pay for oil in gold, hence the west would turn into the third world while Muslim countries would rise and take all the power away from them and have the largest reserves of gold. Now do you see why Muslims are a threat to them, they would rather keep a paper based money system where they just have to press print on their printing presses to make as much money as they want and fraudantly keep all the world power with them, therefore they have appointed their agents in Muslim countries to make sure no one rises up to call for a caliphate or bring back a gold based currency, even though Islam has set a gold based currency these rulers are just too greedy to do it or go against their masters.

Therefore it should come to no surprise that the US invaded Afghanistan just after the Taliban’s decision to call for an Islamic caliphate and were about to issue the Gold Dinar, nor should it come to a surprise that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto got hanged and King Faisal got assassinated just when they tried to setup a caliphate, they will get rid of anyone who even tries to bring one as once a caliphate is established all their power will transfer to the muslims.

As there is so much opposition to the caliphate not just from external sources but also from internal sources, the USI can only become a reality if we can build up enough power to achieve it. Therefore it would use Pakistan as a base as this is the only major power left in the Islamic world but as it’s full of corrupt politicians who are agents of the Zionists a revolution would be required first to wipe the corrupt and agents out of power and install a clean government that will take steps for its people and use the book of Allah as its main guidance and constitution. Then can the caliphate become a reality as we will use Pakistan as its hub to call for the caliphate and bring the entire Muslim world together and use its military as its guard.

Below is an excerpt from Saeed Kausars ‘The Future is For Islam’ where he explains the benefits and potential of a caliphate.

In discussing the Islamic World today, one of the contentious issues has been about how many Muslims there are in the world today. Some people say that there are over 1 billion, while others say that there are over 1.2 billion. So, let us start by clarifying this point. There are 57 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC,) with a total population of 1,471 million. If you take away the non-Muslims from this population, then you’re left with 1,190 million Muslims living in all the OIC member countries. Then, if you count the number of Muslims living in non-OIC countries, you will get a number of 315 million, and adding this figure to 1,190, you get a number of 1,505 million, which makes up over 23 percent of the world population. Therefore, there are definitely over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. These figures were obtained from the CIA World Factbook website and are supposedly current and, if anything, on the conservative side. For example, we have counted only 26 million Muslims in China, even though it is said that there are over 50 million, and we have only counted 146 million in India, while some report a figure of over 200 million. So, there are potentially 80-100 million that we have not even included, which if we did, would tip the total to almost 25 percent of the world population — one person out of every four.

OIC member states                                 57
Muslim majority states                             47
Muslims in OIC states (million)                   1,190
Muslims in other countries (million)             315
Total number of Muslims (million)   1,505

The 57 OIC countries in the world have a combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 5.3 trillion dollars based on purchasing power parity. That is a very healthy amount by any measure. This compares very favorably with the figures of the newly emerging powers with similar billion-plus populations — China with 8.2 trillion and India with 3.7 trillion. On a non-adjusted basis, the GDP of Islamic countries is higher than China’s at 2.3 trillion compared to 1.8 trillion. As a hypothetical exercise, if we project that Muslim countries in the future will invest their resources within the Muslim world and achieve a growth rate of 7 percent for 30 years, then their GDP will grow by a factor of 8 to 40 trillion dollars by the year 2036 in today’s dollars. This is not an impossible achievement, given that China has sustained a growth rate of 9.5 percent for over 25 years. In fact, at a 7 percent growth rate, the Islamic world would have a GDP larger than the United States in 15 years or so, based on purchasing power parity. This is not just a fantasy because up to now, wealthy Muslims have not been investing in their own countries or in other Muslim countries and have transferred most of their countries’ funds to the West. If this money had been invested in Muslim countries, then the whole Islamic world would have been at an advanced stage of development by now. China is developing at breakneck speed because it is getting foreign direct investment (FDI) of about $50-60 billion per year. By contrast, Muslim countries have transferred over $1,000 billion to the West. If you count the money held abroad by private individuals, in addition to official sources, then the total could be double that. Meanwhile, Muslim countries are getting barely any investment at all. In the future, if the funds currently held abroad and newly generated funds are invested in the Muslim world, not only would these monies be more secure from being confiscated, but they would also generate far higher profits than the meager returns they get in the stagnant Western economies. In addition, an economic boom would occur that would have no precedent and would lift up the whole Islamic world to the status of a world economic power and make it an engine of growth benefiting the whole world economy. The combined landmass in the control of Muslim countries is over 30 million square kilometers. Russia, which is the world’s largest country, has 17 million square kilometers, China and the U.S. control just under 10 million square kilometers each, the European Union has under 4 million square kilometers, and India about 3 million square kilometers. This gives the Muslim world 21.5 percent of the world’s landmass and all the natural resources that are contained within it. Oil reserves in Muslim countries are 950 billion barrels out of the world total of 1,350 billion barrels, or over 70 percent of all the known oil reserves in the world. This certainly counts as one of the greatest miracles that have ever occurred in world history. At the very time when they needed it most, God has given Muslims, wherever they happen to be, a resource that can enable them to rise out of the difficult situation they had placed themselves in, and this is a cause of much ill feeling among those who are hostile towards Islam. At today’s oil prices of $60 a barrel, these reserves are worth over 56 trillion dollars. If inflation and price escalation are taken into account, this figure may well be over 100 trillion dollars.

Figure 2. Countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC)

Country Population Area GDP PPP GDP

(million) (sq km) ($billion) ($billion)

1 Afghanistan 31 647,500 21.5 n/a
2 Albania 3.6 28,748 18 8.5
3 Algeria 33 2,381,740 234 86.4
4 Azerbaijan 8 86,600 37 10.7
5 Bahrain 0.7 665 14 11.3
6 Bangladesh 147 144,000 301 63
7 Benin* 8 112,620 8.7 4.3
8 Brunei 0.4 5,770 6.8 n/a
9 Burkina-Faso 14 274,200 16.8 5.4
10 Cameroon* 17.3 475,440 31.8 15.3
11 Chad 10 1,284,000 17.7 5
12 Comoros 0.7 2,170 0.44 0.4
13 Côte d’Ivoire* 17.6 322,460 26 16
14 Djibouti 0.5 23,000 0.6 n/a
15 Egypt 79 1,001,450 340 92
16 Gabon* 1.4 267,667 8 7.1
17 Gambia 1.64 11,300 3 0.43
18 Guinea 9.7 245,857 20.1 3.7
19 Guinea Bissau* 1.45 36,120 1.1 0.28
20 Guyana* 7.67 214,970 3.8 0.78
21 Indonesia 245 1,919,440 901 270
22 Iran 69 1,648,000 552 178
23 Iraq 28 437,072 94 46
24 Jordan 6 92,300 27.8 44.6
25 Kazakhstan 15.2 2,717,300 133 43
26 Kuwait 2.4 17,820 53 56
27 Kyrgyzstan 5.2 198,500 9 2
28 Lebanon 3.88 10,400 20 20
29 Libya 5.9 1,759,540 48 33
30 Malaysia 24 329,750 248 121
31 Maldives 0.36 300 1.25 n/a
32 Mali 11.7 1,240,000 11.8 5.4
33 Mauritania 3.2 1,030,700 6.2 1.36
34 Morocco 33 446,550 141 52
35 Mozambique* 20 801,590 25.66 5.8
36 Niger 12.5 1,267,000 10.22 3.43
37 Nigeria 132 923,768 133 96
38 Oman 3.1 212,460 40.22 25.42
39 Pakistan 166 803,940 385 120
40 Palestine 3.9 5,641 5.8 4.5
41 Qatar 0.86 11,437 22.5 30
42 Saudi Arabia 27 1,960,582 340 273
43 Senegal 12 196,190 20 8
44 Sierra Leone 6 71,740 5 1.1
45 Somalia 8.86 637,657 4.8 n/a
46 Sudan 41 2,505,810 85 22
47 Suriname* 0.44 163,270 2 1.35
48 Syria 19 185,180 63 25
49 Tajikistan 7.3 143,100 8.8 2
50 Togo* 5.5 56,785 9 2
51 Tunisia 10 163,610 77 31
52 Turkey 70 780,580 553 336
53 Turkmenistan 5 488,100 30 14
54 UAE 2.6 82,880 74 101
55 Uganda* 28 236,040 46 8.2
56 Uzbekistan 27 447,400 53 10
57 Yemen 21.5 527,970 17.23 13.74

OIC TOTAL 1,471 32,081,038 5360.82 2332

China 1,314 9,596,960 8182 1790
India 1,095 3,287,590 3699 720
Russia 143 17,075,200 1539 740
EU 457 3,976,372 12,180 13,310
USA 298 9,631,418 12,410 12,470

WORLD 6,525 148,940,000 43,920 43,920

*Countries with Muslim minorities

Of the 57 OIC member countries, 47 have Muslim majorities, while 10, mostly small sub-Saharan African countries, have substantial Muslim minorities. Excluding the GDP and land area of these 10 does not make a major difference to the total figures and still leaves the Islamic World with a GDP of around 5.3 trillion and a land mass of almost 30 million square kilometers. Some pessimists contend that the Muslims are 1,000 years behind in technology, while others say 100. The reality is that most of today’s technology was developed only in the last century or so, and the time it now takes for a new entrant to catch up is diminishing all the time. China has nearly caught up with the West within the span of a couple of decades. If they put forth a concerted effort, the Islamic world can catch up with the most advanced societies within 30 years in all areas of science and technology, and even sooner in most other fields. The 30-year figure represents the maximum time frame that may be required to master the most difficult technical challenges. For example, if seven major Islamic countries, namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia get together, they could conceivably launch a space program that will put a man on the moon and build a permanent station there within 30 years or sooner.

As we can see in this chapter, the Muslim countries are in possession of tremendous human and material resources. But this blessing from God is being squandered by the incompetence and personal interests of a small number of people making up the ruling class. Because they’re greedy, they don’t want to share resources with their own people, let alone with Muslims in less fortunate countries. Because they’re incompetent, they mismanage their countries and keep them backward. If the current crop of rulers had been a bit more efficient in running their countries, then it would have been a matter of some consolation. But instead, most Muslim countries suffer from bad administration,with a few exceptions. One country that deserves honorable mention is, of course, Malaysia, which started from a low level of development and transformed itself into one of the most advanced countries of East Asia within a few decades. By contrast, Muslim countries with far more resources are still lacking in technological development and have weak economies. This shows that maladministration is the biggest problem in the Muslim world. Apart from a lack of investment in economic activity, the greatest issue facing Muslim countries is the lack of education, especially higher education that can lead to advancement in science and technology. But we won’t dwell on the negatives here, as most people are familiar with the problems; in fact, they often get an overexaggerated view of the problems in the Islamic world. Instead, we want to focus on the good things and how these can be utilized to start the biggest economic boom known to man.

The New Caliphate
The Messenger of God predicted that after him the first true caliphate would last for 30 years and would be followed by semi-just monarchies, after which there would be tyrannical rulers, and then in the last days, there would again be a caliphate that followed the true guidance of Islam. While many forms of government during Islamic history have been called caliphates, especially the Ottoman Empire, in reality they were monarchies masquerading as caliphates. The caliphate of the first 30 years was more akin to a republic than a monarchy. Since even these pseudo-caliphates are now gone, what we presently have is the era of tyrannical rulers that preside over much of the Muslim world. However, their time is nearly up, and we’ll soon be entering the time of the first real caliphate ever since the time of the rightly guided Caliphs of the first 30 years of Islam. Most Muslims have only a vague idea of what a caliphate would be like, and some think that it is just a fantasy that will never materialize. However, hostile non-Islamic powers are already taking the Caliphate much more seriously than most Muslim rulers. They fear it and have already started taking preventative measures to stop it from materializing, even before there are any signs of it. For example, many western leaders, including the President of the United States, have mentioned in their speeches the danger a caliphate poses to them and how they intend to do do everything they can to stop it from becoming a reality.

In the Islamic world, there is much confusion about what the Caliphate is. Some fear that it would be a dysfunctional rule of Talibanlike mullahs. Others see it as some kind of paradise on earth that will be brought about in the vaguely distant future by the promised Mahdi, and they believe they really don’t need to do anything apart from sitting back and waiting for it to happen. Most people have probably not even heard about it, and even if they have, they have no idea what it would be like and how it would come about. The reality is that the Caliphate is not a supernatural entity that will descend from heaven or materialize spontaneously out of thin air, but rather it is a form of government that will include all or most Muslim countries that will have to be conceptualized from scratch by humans and brought into being with blood, sweat, and tears. There is no fixed form that it will take, and it can be anything that the people want it to be. The things that will make it an improvement over the current state of affairs are:

• It will be based on the concept that God exists and there is only one God, and all His commands as revealed in the Qur’an and explained by the Messenger of God in the Sunnah must be obeyed.
• It will unite all Muslims and allow them to pool their resources for their common good.
• It will provide good government.
• It will ensure justice.
• It will result in massive economic and technological development.
• It will ensure the security of Muslims.

It will be a man-made structure that will be based on the current state of human knowledge that allows Muslims to be united, preserve their values and culture, and benefit from good government and economic and technological development. This is no different from what all cultures and civilizations strive for.

The Caliphate will not aspire to develop massive military power and conquer the rest of the world. The fact is that the Caliphate will be a benign entity, which everyone will be welcome to visit and do business with and will have no plans to invade and conquer other countries, convert or kill their people, or steal their wealth. This will make it much less of a danger to the world compared to some countries that are openly committing all of the above crimes in the present times.

The notion of the Sovereignty of God is that God’s words have to be obeyed in those matters where He has explicitly given instructions in the Qur’an. Any deviation from this constitutes a coup d’état against

God and is tantamount to rebellion against God’s will. The will of God is laid out in the Qur’an. The reality is that the Qur’an has very few instructions. Most matters of human organization are actually left to people to work out for themselves. While Judaism may have hundreds of instructions on how to conduct daily life, in the Qur’an, all the rules that God wants Muslims to follow can be summarized into a few pages. In fact, in the Qur’an, God specifically mentions that the followers of the Messenger should not ask too many questions, as answering these questions will cause increased hardship. This is because once instructions are given by God, then they have to be obeyed under all circumstances, and this increases the burden on people and decreases their flexibility of action.God says:

O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if ye ask about things when the Qur’an is being revealed, they will be made plain to you, Allah will forgive those: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing.
Qur’an 5:101

Obviously, God intended Islam to be an undemanding religion that is easy to follow, requiring only a few minutes of time a day, and does not burden its adherents with tons of rules, regulations, and rituals, even though some zealots have made it seem so. The Caliphate that will be established as a modern state of the twenty-first century will rely for the bulk of its rules and regulations not on the Qur’an, but on current human knowledge. This is simply because the Qur’an has nothing to say about most areas that require legislation in a modern state, such as building regulations, telecommunication policies, traffic rules, etc.

Most of the instructions in the Qur’an are actually general rules like: be just, be kind to others, etc. Some specific instructions include rules on inheritance, for example, that were revealed on the questioning of followers, and that was why the above verse was revealed by God to stop people from asking too many questions. The way the Caliphate differs from other systems is that on those matters where God has given instructions, they have to be obeyed, and no one is allowed to change those rules. For example, as opposed to the Western version of democracy, in an Islamic democratic system, a majority of voters cannot overturn a Qur’anic injunction. However, if there is more than one interpretation, then a majority can decide on which interpretation to follow. For the over 90 percent of laws that exist or will exist that are not mentioned in the Qur’an, citizens of the Caliphate will have total freedom to choose, provided that they don’t violate the general principles that are laid down in the Qur’an.

It is true that over the course of their history, Muslims have developed multiple layers of laws based on the Qur’an, the Sunnah (traditions of the Messenger) and Ijtehad, the interpretations of various schools of thought. In the New Caliphate, it would probably be better to start from scratch and discuss everything in the light of current circumstances. However, dexterity would be required to sidestep controversial issues on which people have very strong views, as long as there are people who have not evolved to a level where they would not make some matters into issues of life and death.

The major dilemma is that if much of the organization of the Caliphate has yet to be decided, and if the same people that run Muslim countries now are the ones who create this structure, what will prevent them from running it to the ground before it even takes off? There are ways of ensuring a successful outcome. The Caliphate structure has to be visualized and created by people who have the following basic qualities:

1. Belief. An unflinching belief in the one and only God and Muhammad (God bless him) as the messenger of God and the Qur’an as the Word of God.
2. Virtue. A clean heart uncompromised by conflict of interest between their duties to the Islamic community and their personal interests.
3. Skill. Knowledge and skills to create a world-class transcontinental super-state.
4. Vision. The vision to conceptualize a system that will last for hundreds of years.

There is an abundance of Muslims who would meet these criteria.

There are already many good people who are working on figuring out the basics of the Caliphate structure. One of the resources available online is the website, run by Mr. Abdul-Kareem Newell, who has put together a proposal for the organizational structure of the Caliphate.

However, producing a workable plan would require an organization like a think-tank to be put in place and to be provided with resources for drawing together all the collective wisdom and knowledge of the Islamic world in order to come up with proposals. This organization would study the circumstances of each country, its history, current situation, and future potential. It would bring in Islamic scholars from all over the world, as well as specialists from many fields of expertise. Together, they would come up with a recommendation for how to move forward.

As progress is made, ideas would need to be publicized and opened to public debate, as general acceptance by the public will be critical to the successful implementation of the Caliphate. The planning would not need to be secret or conspiratorial in any way, as there will be nothing to hide, and it would be for the benefit of all Muslims, including the ruling classes, and would not be a threat to anyone else. The benefit of publicizing the plans for the Caliphate and getting public opinion to back the idea outweighs the danger of inimical forces trying to subvert the process.

This organization needs to be privately funded and independent of governments, as that would give rise to conflicts of interest. In addition, all methodologies outlined for the establishment of the Caliphate would need to be based on entirely peaceful and just means, as Islamic values don’t allow for unjust means to be employed, even for just ends. Having the master plan of the Caliphate ready and waiting to be implemented will have the beneficial result that when the fortune of the Muslims turns, which, as we have seen, is very close to happening, then the blueprint will be in place for bringing the Caliphate into existence very quickly. Based on the sayings of the Messenger of God, the time for the establishment of the Caliphate is almost here, and time is of the essence in completing preparations for it. While the first new Caliph, the Mahdi, would be able to make many major decisions, there is nevertheless an immense amount of work that still needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition.

The detractors will do everything they can in order to stop it, but we don’t need to worry too much about them as they cannot beat God and can do absolutely nothing to prevent the new Caliphate from coming into existence on the schedule planned by God and prophesied by His Messenger.

Here, we will speculate on the structure of the Caliphate.

The Caliphate will be a political system based on the ideology of Islam and will enshrine the rule of law, representative government, accountability by the people through an independent judiciary, and the principle of representative consultation. It will be a government built upon a concept of citizenship regardless of ethnicity, gender, or creed and will be totally opposed to the oppression of any religious or ethnic grouping.

Federal Structure. The highest executive post will be that of the Caliph, who will be elected for a specific term by an electorate consisting of all adult citizens of the territories in the jurisdiction of the Caliphate. One innovative idea may be to extend the voting rights of the Caliph to all the Muslims in the world. This will ensure that the Caliph is looked upon not only as a secular chief executive, but also as the spiritual head of all Muslims in the world. This would make him a combination of both Caesar and the Pope. There will be one or more legislative assemblies elected from throughout the territories. Whether to have a single or bicameral legislature is open to debate. The Caliphate will be based on a federal structure with a division of responsibilities between three tiers of government. The central government will be in charge of guaranteeing the correct application of Islamic laws, foreign policy, monetary policy, and defense. The first and foremost responsibility of the Caliphate would be to ensure that God’s laws, as revealed in the Qur’an, are followed.

The Caliphate will be responsible for conducting a unified foreign policy on behalf of all the territories. However, different territories may be given the flexibility of establishing economic relations with foreign entities, as long as these don’t contradict or clash with the policies of the central government.

There will be a unified monetary policy with a single currency that may be based on a gold standard. All business will be conducted on Islamic principles, especially those related to the prohibition on interest. This is an area where a tremendous amount of work has been done, and Islamic principles of finance have been found to be quite robust and are already in widespread use and rapidly gaining in popularity. There will be a single unified command authority for all the defense capabilities of the Caliphate, and the Caliph will be the commander in chief of the armed forces. The military will be under civilian control, and the personnel will be rotated throughout the territories. The defense policy of the Caliphate will be based on a non-aggressive posture of minimum deterrence. It will have an avowed policy of striving for complete disarmament in the world, with the objective of eliminating the need for militaries and leaving only police forces to ensure security. The resulting savings of hundreds of billions of dollars would make funds available for the complete elimination of poverty and disease from the world. It is prophesied that the headquarters of the new Caliphate will be based in Jerusalem after it is liberated. Until that happens, it will be based in Medina.

The official language of the Caliphate will be Arabic, which will serve as the lingua franca among Muslims, and the people of all the territories will be required to learn Arabic as a first or second language. However, all territories will be free to conduct their affairs in their preferred language. No language will be discouraged, and everyone will have freedom to develop their local culture and language according to their aspirations.

Gubernatorial Structure. The second tier of government will consist of what are now individual countries. In the Caliphate, the existing countries will become states ruled by governors and assemblies elected by the local people. Where a country joining the Caliphate has an existing federal structure and the current federating units are colonial or unstable, artifacts that are not reflective of ethnic, linguistic, or other ground realities, then their boundaries would be redrawn according to the preferences of the people living there. The government of these redrawn and stabilized units will then constitute the second tier of government and will report directly to the Caliphate, and the existing federal government structures would be abolished. Redrawing the borders of untenable and unjust administrative units will help in removing a major source of conflict and lead to greater stability. This formula will be applied with the consent of the people involved, and if they prefer to stay together in a larger state, then they will be allowed to do so. The method for an independent country to join the Caliphate would be by holding a referendum. If the majority votes to join, then the Caliphate will accept it as a constituent federating unit subject to the Caliphate’s authority. The country will be subject to a series of administrative measures and adjustments that allow the new member to be incorporated smoothly into the Caliphate structure.

Local Administration. The third tier of the Caliphate structure will be at the local level, consisting of elected city, town, and rural councils.

Judiciary. The Caliphate will be based on the rule of law and an independent judiciary. This will be the cornerstone upon which the state structure will be built. The laws will be based on the will of God as expressed in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Messenger of God. On those matters where there is more than one religious interpretation, a majority vote in the legislature will decide. Secular laws will be enacted by the legislatures at the various levels of government and enforced by the courts at the appropriate level.

The Supreme Islamic Court will be at the federal level and will be the final arbitrator for all judicial decisions. The provision of justice is the most important element for the longterm survival of any form of government. The Ottoman Empire that lasted for over 500 years owed its longevity in large part to the fact that it provided impartial justice to all its citizens. Laws in the Caliphate will be uniformly applied regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, or social or economic status of a person.

Education. Education is a fundamental building block for any society, and no country has yet achieved success without an educated population. The countries that are the most successful are invariably the ones with the best education. In the Caliphate, education would be one of its foremost priorities. It would provide the required resources to ensure the availability of education for all its citizens. It would be mandatory for all children, male, and female, to attend school up to the age of 16. Any interference in this matter would be a punishable offence. As a matter of state policy, the Caliphate would strive for the provision of college level education to a maximum percentage of the population. To achieve this aim, a significant amount of resources will be invested, and the establishment of private universities would be encouraged. The acquisition of higher education would be encouraged, and several hundred additional universities and colleges may be required, including many centers of excellence.

Science and Technology. The Caliphate would have a strategic decision to invest heavily in catching up with the most advanced societies in science and technology and to pull ahead of them. The plan would begin with the creation of world-class universities that would then become the bases around which research and development facilities would be built.

The Caliphate would try to leapfrog into the forefront of science by investing in cutting-edge areas of science like nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology. Once the laboratories start generating new research, it would result in the formation of new companies that will introduce innovative new products for the world market. The Caliphate will also start a space program for the purpose of exploration and to exploit outer space for material resources.

Health. One of the first tasks to be undertaken upon the formation of the Caliphate would be to assuage the negative effects of the wars imposed on Islamic countries. This would include clearing up the radioactive fallout from depleted uranium that has been extensively used on civilians, resulting in severe diseases and birth defects in babies. The mines that have been laid have to be cleared. The injuries to tens of thousands of people have to be attended to, and psychological damage from torture and abuse will have to be addressed. Beyond dealing with the effects of the invasions, the Caliphate would provide universal medical coverage to all its citizens.

Communications. An integrated network of road and rail links would be built to connect all the territories and to ensure the free flow of people and trade. Modern interconnected highways will be built to interconnect the Islamic world. It would be possible to drive from Islamabad to Cairo and from Jeddah to Tashkent. A tunnel under the Straits of Hormuz would shorten the distance to drive from Karachi to Dubai via Iran. A high-speed rail network will be built to connect all major cities in the Caliphate. This will be a cost-effective way for people to travel and for the transport of goods. A parallel Internet infrastructure will be built for the Caliphate to make it independent of rival powers and to ensure that insidious material like pornography is kept out.

The Caliphate will be the most cosmopolitan, wealthy, and hopefully the most scientifically advanced civilization of the future. In it, people from the whole world will be welcome, and it will have the lowest barrier to entry. It may take an African several generations to be accepted in the West, if ever, and it may take a Russian several generations to be accepted as a Japanese. But it will take only a few minutes for someone to accept Islam and become a member of the Muslim community, which is already the most diverse of all civilizations.


Internal Opposition. The establishment of the Caliphate will be construed as a threat by most, if not all, the ruling classes in the Islamic world and will be even more fiercely resisted by them than by hostile foreign powers. What they need to realize is that at the pace at which events are currently happening, it will not be long before they’re all swept aside anyways to make room for the whole Islamic world to be remodelled according to the plans of inimical forces. If that happens, not only would the current rulers lose whatever they have at present, but their future generations would be condemned to a bleak and hopeless future. They should remember the example of Iraq and Afghanistan, which were destroyed as part of the strategy of “creative destruction,” according to which a country has to be first reduced to rubble to break the will of the people before it can be remodeled to suit the requirement of subservience to Israel and the Western hitmen working for it. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Islamic world is not being invaded to bring about prosperity for its people, but to recolonize it and loot it. Once the spoils are divided amongst the conquerors, there will be nothing left for the Muslims, including the current elites. A few years ago, the direct descendants of the Great Moguls of India were found living in a shack on a railway platform in Delhi. This was the state of penury to which the British had reduced them. The current rulers and their future generations will fare no better once the present-day neocolonialists are finished with them. The final thing to understand is that by cooperating with the establishment of the Caliphate, the ruling classes would ensure their place within it and preserve their wealth, and would be able use their funds as investment capital in the unprecedented economic boom that will occur once the Caliphate is established. They would then be able to create far more wealth than they would have otherwise been able to generate. On the other hand, if they resist, then they would either cause resentment among the people and risk violent overthrow or face being gobbled up by hostile foreign powers. In both cases, they would stand to lose everything. Another vital reason for the need for the existing establishments to cooperate is that they are often the most educated and experienced people in the Muslim world. If there is revolution and chaos, then the services of these people may be lost. In addition, a chaotic change would cause unnecessary destruction and allow inept and overzealous radicals to fill the gap. These radicals are often as destructive as the Islamic world’s worst enemies.

External Opposition. A CIA report published in 2005 entitled “Mapping the Global Future” had predictions about the state of the world in the year 2020. It paints a negative picture of a struggling newly formed caliphate as a malignant terrorist entity ruled by Al Qaeda-type figures. This report started the tendency of some Western leaders to begin mentioning in their speeches that an evil caliphate is being planned and they need to stop it in its tracks. That is why they renamed the “War on Terror” as “The Long War” and started saying that the struggle against Islam will last for over 30 years.

The opposition of external powers will be less of a hindrance to the establishment of the Caliphate than that of the local establishments. If there is a consensus among Muslims to go ahead with it, then outsiders will not be in a position to do much about it. They will try their best, though, and Muslims will need to come up with a plan to resist their interference.

The pressure that America, Britain, and Israel are applying on Islamic countries is having an effect that is exactly the opposite of what they desire. This has become the major reason for increasing Muslim unity. The more they try to thwart the establishment of the Caliphate, the sooner it will materialize with the will of God.

And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah
too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.
Qur’an 3:54

It can be said with a fair measure of certainty that if today there were referenda in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia for the establishment of the Caliphate, overwhelming majorities of people would vote in favor of it and so would the people in most other Islamic countries.

On the other hand, the likelihood of the rulers of these countries giving their people this choice is near zero. That the ruling elites will see the futility of resisting what is inevitable is unlikely in the current circumstances. In their minds, the short-term loss of power, wealth, and privilege overrides any gains that they can imagine. That is why they would rather wait out the current world situation with the hope that their turn for regime change will never come, and they imagine that even if it does, they could try to escape at the very last moment, leaving the public to enjoy the fruits of democracy that the foreign invaders bring. There is currently a wide gap between the aspirations of the people and the interests of the rulers. The situation is therefore primed for sudden and explosive change.

This change will occur when God sends a man who will become the leader of the Muslims as promised by the Messenger of God. This will fulfill the following promise of God:

Allah has promised, to those among you who believe
and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety,
grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He
granted it to those before them; that He will establish
in authority their religion — the one which He has
chosen for them; and that He will change (their state),
after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security
and peace: ‘They will worship Me (alone) and not
associate aught with Me. ‘If any do reject Faith after
this, they are rebellious and wicked.
Qur’an 24:55

The Caliphate will sponsor a new and democratic international organization that will replace the current colonial-based United Nations. The current United Nations is an obsolete relic of the colonial era that was created by Western powers with the intention of maintaining their influence over world affairs. These same nations have resisted change in its organizational structure to reflect new realities and have used it as a means of providing cover to justify their aggressive policies around the world. This institution has therefore lost all legitimacy, especially as long as it is controlled by narrow self-interests benefiting a tiny elite within a handful of countries. Therefore, the time has come for restructuring this organization or creating an alternate one. The countries that currently control the United Nations are involved in some way or the other in practically all major and minor conflicts that have killed over a hundred million people since the Second World War. They have caused the spread of wars, poverty, disease, pollution, and drugs. They are the major cause of environmental degradation, but have taken no significant steps towards fixing this problem. No major conflict in the world has been fairly resolved, while new wars are being threatened and massive military buildups are occurring. These countries have very clearly failed in their duty to the international community, and the world has to start looking elsewhere.

The Caliphate will sponsor, host, and fund a new United Nations organization that will either take over the functions of the current one or be built from the ground up with international consensus. The new United Nations will be democratic, and every country will have equal voting rights without anyone having the right to overrule the majority. Each member state will get one vote per citizen, giving each country voting power in proportion to its population. All international laws will be reviewed, amended, and voted on based on the new voting rights, thereby removing all anomalies that exist in order to protect the interests of past powers. The foremost priority of the new United Nations would be to resolve all conflicts in the world by means of sponsoring the just resolution of disputes and the vigorous enforcement of peace treaties that are decided upon. Implementation would be ensured by means of forces drawn from neutral countries.

The other priority would be to help in complete military disarmament, not just nuclear disarmament. A 10-20 year plan would be agreed upon for all countries to systematically reduce their military spending, disband personnel, and decommission weapons to near zero by the end of the term. After that, no weapons would be allowed apart from the minimum required for law enforcement. All weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons and all heavy armaments, will subsequently be banned, and a joint force of the United Nations would enforce this. Any country that resists would be declared a rogue nation, and the international community would be required to cease all dealing with such a country, regardless of cost, until it complies.

The new United Nations will also have environmental protection as a primary objective. In the present system, the most serious polluters are the very same countries that wield the most power. Because of their narrow short-term interests, they have no desire to take the environment seriously. In the new system, a combined effort by all of mankind will be organized to avert environmental disaster. The new United Nations would sponsor a new universal declaration of human rights that would ensure that the interests of all people in the world are protected and they have access to a minimum acceptable level of education and health care. An international fund would be created, into which all countries would contribute, that would ensure the delivery of basic services to every single man, woman, and child in the world. While the existing United Nations has similar goals, the problem is that the self-interests of the controlling powers do not allow them to implement any meaningful policy. With the new United Nations that the Caliphate will sponsor, there will be no vested interests and all policies will be based on what is of the maximum benefit to the whole international community. Once the new United Nations comes into being, the Caliphate would be a member state within it with voting rights in proportion to its population and would not have any controlling power over it


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